Our goal is to support Raven Rock State Park including the park lands and trails within and adjacent and the rivers that run through it by;

  • developing and promoting public awareness;
  • providing support and resources for the maintenance of programs, facilities and recreation;
  • advocating for ecological conservation and preservation; and addressing environmental issues.

These purposes are exclusively nonprofit, charitable, and educational.

By joining Friends of Raven Rock State Park, you will be adding your Voice to supporting our State Park. You can take advantage of opportunities to interact with other supporters of our area’s natural resources; receive information about the Park and the its system; receive a quarterly Newsletter which gives news from the Park, what FRARO is doing, and upcoming Park activities and events, legislative action, and issues in the park.

Future Work

For the 2016 year of FRARO, we will be working on the following:

  • Open the 2016 photo contest to the public.
  • Work with the park to on the NC Parks Centennial Celebration, including the second annual “Raven Rock Trail Trek” – to be held on April 9th.
  • Help the park with the implementation of a childrens’ area.
  • Continue working with local businesses sponsors to supply the park with up to 30 new benches.

Look at providing more “Members Only” opportunities such as Discovery Hikes, campfire stories and special ranger-led programs.